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Warranty Inspections Hope Mills, NC

Most respectable builders stand behind their work. In the spirit of the same, most builders these days offer at least a 12 month warranty on the residential properties that they construct.

While it may seem like nothing can go wrong with a property that is less than a year old, the reality is quite different and disappointing. 

The reality is that even newer properties can have serious problems that aren’t just a hassle for new homeowners, but can set them back by thousands of dollars.

This is why warranty home inspections in Hope Mills are important. They enable homeowners to avoid the cost of the repairs, while also getting the repairs done.

Benefits Of Warranty Home Inspections

As mentioned earlier, as a result of warranty home inspections in Hope Mills, homeowners are able to get the necessary repairs done to their property, without having to bear the involved cost.

This is perhaps the most pressing benefit of warranty home inspections.

Conducted just before the builder’s warranty runs out, a warranty home inspection’s objective is simple, to find the issues with the property before the warranty is void.

This way, homeowners will be able to get the repairs done without paying for them because of the warranty. On the other hand, if a warranty inspection is not conducted, homeowners may be stuck with expensive repairs required by the newly built property.

Cost Of Warranty Home Inspections

Warranty home inspections are not very different in nature and process from standard home inspections.

That’s why, warranty home inspections in Hope Mills cost roughly as much as standard pre-purchase or pre-selling home inspections.

Just like other home inspections, the exact cost of a warranty home inspection can only be determined after knowing the area that needs to be inspected along with the components that need to be inspected.

If you want to know the cost of your warranty home inspection, get in touch with us for a no obligation, free quote.

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